Why women’s clothing is still going the way of the dodo

Men’s clothing, after a decade of decline, is still selling well for most women, but it is still less desirable than it once was.

This was the takeaway from a new report from research firm McKinsey & Co., which looked at trends across all types of apparel for the first time.

McKinsey says women are buying more men’s clothing now, but not enough for everyone.

They’re buying the same brands that they’re selling, so they’re not really buying a whole new range of clothing.

McKinseys researchers also looked at how many women are wearing each type of clothing today, and found that the numbers are similar across men’s and women’s sizes.

Men’s men’s clothes are going the same way, and women are looking for a new range.

The biggest growth in women’s mens clothes, according to McKinsey, is in the men’s pants, where women are now wearing pants in the same proportions that they are wearing men’s tops.

But for women, they are also looking for an even bigger range of men’s shoes.

Men are buying shoes that are shorter and wider than they were five years ago, McKinsey said.

“This is an industry that is still evolving and evolving rapidly,” said Michelle Pendergast, chief executive of the McKinsey Global Institute, who also oversaw the study.

“Women’s clothing has really taken off.”

Pendergarth said men’s overall fashion has changed over the years, and that’s why so many brands are shifting toward shorter, wider and more feminine-seeming styles, which she said will continue to grow in popularity.

But there are still some big brands, such as Adidas, Nike, and Gucci, that are still stuck in the past, and they don’t see women as buying more.

Women aren’t buying men’s shirts and jeans that are smaller and less comfortable than men’s suits, which is a problem for companies such as Gap, which said last year that it had a 50% drop in sales of men and women-owned brands.

And women aren’t purchasing men’s jackets, which are usually larger and more comfortable than they used to be.

McKinays research found that women are less likely to wear women’s shoes than men, and their desire to wear a range of styles has declined since 2009.

But women are still buying more than men.

Men and women have the same preference for men’s dresses, but women are more likely to choose men’s men-oriented tops and skirts than men do.

Pendergart said women’s desire for more comfortable clothes, especially for women who are younger, will likely continue to improve, and will help drive growth for companies like Gap.

“We are still looking for new ways to drive women’s fashion and are seeing more and more women gravitate towards these higher-end brands,” Pendergard said.


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