Why ‘La La Land’ might be your next wardrobe favorite

We’ve all heard the words “sassy” and “chick-fil-a” thrown around in relation to the film.

That’s not to say the word “lady” doesn’t have its place.

But if you’re looking for a romantic comedy, “La Laland” could be just what you’re after.

The movie is set in the 1930s and revolves around the love affair between a boy and girl, and it’s a film that’s been described as being “chicken and egg” in the past.

Now, ” La La Land” director Damien Chazelle has been asked to weigh in on his favorite classic films, and he definitely agrees.

“La Lland” is definitely the classic, Chazela said in an interview with Variety.

“I’m a big fan of the films from the 1930’s,” he said.

“You can’t get a perfect score on this one.

It’s not easy to do.

I think we all get a little bit stuck on ‘La Land’ because it’s such a classic, and I think that’s part of what makes it so special.”

This is Chazeles first interview, so he knows how much he has to say about “La Land.”

The director also discussed the similarities between his beloved “Pitch Perfect” and his favorite modern rom-com, “The Danish Girl,” and the influence of movies like “Mad Max: Fury Road” and director Zack Snyder’s “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“We’ve all been influenced by the likes of ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Pitch Possum,'” Chazle said.

While it might seem like “La LA” is a perfect example of a classic film that could be reinterpreted for today, Chazzelle also pointed out that there’s no such thing as a perfect remake.

“There are things that we love in this film that are not perfect,” he explained.

“In the end, we’re all just looking for the best version of ourselves that we can find.

But, if you can find that, then great.

We love our film, and we love the film itself.”

If you’re thinking of trying on some new pieces for your fall collection, check out the rest of Chazlezels latest collection, which includes a set of “La la” shoes.

“It’s a new take on the shoes, and the colorways are really good,” he shared.

“They are very much inspired by the original movie.”


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