Why is cotton so expensive?

Cotton is a key component of modern clothing, and it’s also a key ingredient in the fabric of many industrial-scale apparel manufacturing processes.

The fabric’s high-tech production methods and its unique properties have led to the fabric’s price, which has been steadily rising for years.

The reason is simple: Cotton is cheap, so cotton factories use cheap labor to make their fabrics.

In the last few years, cotton prices have risen sharply, and this has created a massive shortage of cotton in the global supply chain.

That means that cotton prices are set to continue to rise, and manufacturers will be forced to cut production, including jobs.

In a recent paper, University of Minnesota researchers write that the global cotton industry could be at risk of collapse, because of the current price increase and a lack of demand for cotton.

The researchers also note that the increased production of cotton could have a devastating effect on the supply chain: The more cotton produced, the higher the prices for raw materials.

When the cotton production goes up, raw materials can become more expensive and thus less affordable.

This is particularly true in the apparel industry, where raw materials are also more expensive.

In this case, the more cotton the manufacturer uses, the greater the price.

That, in turn, leads to the decrease of jobs in the textile industry, as the workers are laid off in response to the decreased demand.

While this may not be a long-term solution, the authors suggest that this problem could be addressed by the global textile industry developing an alternative supply chain that will help it stay competitive.


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