Why do women wear mesh clothing in India?

In the capital, New Delhi, I was sitting with a group of young women at a restaurant when we were asked if we had seen any advertisements for mesh clothing.

This is not the first time that I have seen the phrase in India, and the conversation quickly turned to whether mesh clothing was appropriate for women in India.

We all had different opinions on the matter, and in my mind the question was: Why?

I had always been curious about the topic, but I was still curious about why women wore mesh clothing, given that this was the first place I had heard of it.

What was the reason behind it?

After the interview, I spoke with a colleague who had recently migrated to India from Pakistan, who was keen to understand the issue further.

She also had her own thoughts on the issue. 

“Mesh clothing is just another word for baggy, it’s just a fashion term,” she told me.

“The word mesh is an Indian word, which means ‘baggy’ or ‘bag of clothes’ or simply ‘wool’.”

The word baggy was popularised by the 1970s, when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi introduced a series of laws in India aimed at curbing the spread of untouchability.

It became synonymous with ‘bagginess’, and was generally considered a bad way to dress. 

By the late 1980s, though, the word bagged became synonymous more with ‘unconsciousness’, which was seen as a manifestation of un-Islamic practices. 

It’s important to note that the word ‘bag’ does not actually mean baggy in India and is not a derogatory term, nor does it describe what the word means in the Western sense of the word. 

In India, the term ‘bagged’ refers to a certain state of body where the clothes are tight, tight enough to contain the body without compromising it.

The term ‘unbagged’, on the other hand, refers to the clothes that have been bagged or bagged up to the point where the body is unshaven, and hence ‘un-bagged’. 

This is not to say that all men in India are unshaved, nor that all women in the country are un-shaven.

Many people in India have long had a long tradition of wearing their hair long, and it is considered to be a good measure of body integrity. 

However, in recent years, the emergence of ‘baggies’ and the emergence of ‘unbaggys’ has brought more people into the fold of the loosely defined term, with the trend of ‘unshaved men’ becoming more common, and ‘unashamed’ becoming a more mainstream term. 

The word ‘bagged’ is often used to describe the clothing that is worn by men and women in modern India, but the word also comes from the word for cloth.

The word ‘cloth’ in this context is a combination of the words for cloth and cloth, and this is why ‘bagging’ can refer to the ‘bagging up’ of the clothing. 

Many of the ‘baggy’ clothes in India today are made from wool, and a lot of them come from Bangladesh.

The garments made from cotton, the textile material that was first produced in India in the 17th century, has also been used in a number of other countries, including Brazil, the UK, and Canada. 

Some of the garments made in India can be considered ‘unpackable’, with the garment often being folded or thrown away in a way that is seen as being unsanitary, in an effort to make the clothes more ‘unmanly’.

The garments that are made with cotton are also seen as less ‘manly’ in the eyes of the public. 

But the reason why men in particular in India do not like to wear mesh or ‘bags’ is due to the fact that it has become a common term in India for ‘unnatural’ clothing.

 ‘Unnatural’ means ‘not natural’.

In a country where a man’s body has been created by his mother, grandmother, father, or aunts, sisters, or brothers, it is natural to be attracted to natural patterns, patterns that are more in line with the body that was made by a mother, a grandmother, or father.

But in India where the birth of the mother and grandmothers is an accepted norm, women are encouraged to wear a more natural look and fashion in order to conform to the body moulds of the day. 

According to Indian culture, the natural body of a woman is a female body.

Therefore, it follows that women who do not conform to these ideals of body shape and shape of the woman’s body must be un-natural, un-unashamoured, or un-bagged. 

This ‘un natural’ attitude towards women’s bodies is why many women in today’s India prefer to wear bags


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