Which of the following are the rules of Gucci’s garment bag rules?

The Gucci brand is known for its bags, so it is hardly surprising that the brand has rules to follow.

The main guidelines for the brand’s garment bags are as follows:Do not let the bag touch the floor or floorboard, and do not have the bag in the open.

Do not let any of the bag’s contents be placed inside the bag.

If the bag is not completely closed, keep it closed with the top of the bottom.

Do not put the bag down or fold it.

Do ensure the bag does not get caught on furniture, tables or other objects.

If there is a possibility of damage to the bag, it should be removed immediately.

Do wear appropriate footwear.

Do wear gloves.

Do remove the bag from the rack when the bag reaches the top.

If you want to use the bag for more than a day, please do not use it more than once.

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