When the Priestly Dress Is Exposed

The priestly robes that have been the symbol of Catholic prayer for centuries are being exposed in the streets of London.

The garment, which was traditionally worn by priests in the cloisters of churches and holy homes, is being used as part of a charity initiative that hopes to raise £20,000.

It’s a fitting and symbolic act of worship for the new Pope Francis, who has been outspoken on the need for greater transparency and openness in the Church.

The Pope’s decision to wear the robe in a meeting with Cardinal-General Bernard Lawes has prompted some to ask how the Holy Father would reconcile his faith with the way he dresses.

He said he would wear the traditional robe of the bishop and would do so in a way that was in harmony with the faith, the Vatican said in a statement on Sunday.

“The cardinal and I agreed that I should wear the vestments as a sign of humility and humility of the people.

I will wear the robes as a way of praying for the people,” he said.

The robe was worn by Pope John Paul II, the late Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope John XXIII.

The robe is usually worn by women, but not always.

The vestments were worn by the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope who would later lead the Vatican.

Pope Francis was named to the papacy in 2015 and has become a global symbol of transparency and the Church’s desire to be open.


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