When it comes to the best-performing clothes for washing, the best fabric

Clothing is often used to make garments of varying qualities, but the best ones are often made from the most durable materials.

That’s the gist of a new study from research firm PwC.

In a study conducted last year, the firm surveyed 1,000 fashion consumers across the United States.

PwT asked them to rank the best fabrics, colors and fit for washing in order of preference.

The study’s findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that most people prefer the same colors and fabrics for all of their clothes.

But there are exceptions.

Those that prefer fabrics from a single brand can have a harder time finding that brand’s best fabrics.

Here are the top-ranked fabrics for washing.

Read more about the study:PwC’s study was based on respondents’ laundry history and what was bought in their closets and closets of friends and family.

It included information on how many times a garment was washed and how much detergent was used, and what fabrics were used.

The company then evaluated the top three fabrics.

For example, the top color of an item rated best was white, but only 14 percent of respondents said it was cotton.

The top three colors of an items rated worst were red, yellow and brown.

The highest rated fabrics, in order, were the cotton ones and the polyester ones.


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