What if you could use the same garment from two different factories?

In an era where clothing is often made in the same factory, there are a lot of ways to expand production.

As a result, companies often use fabric from different factories to create a more versatile product.

In the case of the Avanti clothing brand, this is how the fabric was created.

With Avantis unique fabric, the company has managed to keep the manufacturing process relatively simple, even as it’s gone through numerous production lines.

The Avantic fabric is made from a polyester blend that is made by combining two different types of fibers.

The fabrics are hand-dyed by hand and then hand sewn together in factories in Italy.

The result is a product that’s very similar to traditional garments, with a slight difference that’s less noticeable in the finished garment.

The brand has managed this feat because the fabrics are also made with a single manufacturing process.

The garment is finished with a special blend of 100 percent natural leather that’s meant to increase its longevity and reduce wrinkles.

When you buy the Aantean, you’ll be able to find it in a wide range of colors and sizes.

The company also makes a line of compression garments, which are the garments that are designed to compress the garment’s shape when you’re not wearing it.

The line also features a range of styles for both men and women, and is made in Italy and Japan.


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