The man who saved the Jesus garment

The man known as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ himself, died on the Cross in the tomb in which he was crucified. 

His body was carried in a casket from the tomb into the tomb of St Mary, the Virgin Mary, and buried there. 

 His clothes, including the garments on which he had lived, were buried with him. 

The first garment was a garment from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a group of Christian denominations founded in 1844. 

“There is a story of the Resurrection in the Bible, the Resurrection of Jesus, which has become the gospel story, the Gospel in our own time,” said Mark Stauffer, an LDS historian and professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School. 

Stauffer is the author of a new book called The Resurrection of the Savior. 

In addition to his scholarship, he has authored a number of books, including a book on the crucifixion, The Resurrection. 

His latest book, The Christ Myth: Why Jesus Became the Messiah, was released last year. 

He told NPR’s Terry Gross that the garments that Jesus wore were not from the clothes he was wearing when he died, but from his garment collection. 

When he started to look into the clothing, he discovered there were a lot of different versions of the clothing that had been produced for Christ, Stauff said. 

For example, the story of Lazarus says that a man came out of the tomb, got clothes for the dead and got them in different places, and then they all came back together, so we don’t know how that came about, but we do know that there was a lot in circulation that came out before that, so the resurrection of the body was a part of the story. 

And that story was a central part of Jesus’ story.

 And, you know, Jesus had a lot on his plate, so, you might say, well, you’re the Savior of this world, so why not go to the place where Jesus had to go, the place that was most difficult for him to go to, and find clothes that had clothes from the very first clothes that were made for him, the clothes that Jesus had been wearing, Strugg, the co-founder of the LDS church, told NPR. 

What we have to remember about the resurrection is that the Resurrection is not just a resurrection of Jesus.

It is also a resurrection in the sense that we can think of the resurrection as the end of time.

So, if the Resurrection ends, it means we’ve been reborn and are living on earth in a time that is different from the time that we lived before, Struck, the founding member of the Church, told Gross. 

So, we are now living in a more advanced world than we were before.

This is what makes the resurrection, and the resurrection story, such a big deal, Stauler told Gross, because it is such a great story that goes to the very core of the belief in the resurrection.

“The story of Jesus and the clothes, the clothing of the Lord, it is really central to what makes it so important,” he said.


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