The ‘garment box’ problem: What we know about the latest case of lymphingema

The first reported case of the parasitic disease lymphema in the United States was in the early 1990s, and in the last year it’s been reported at least eight more cases, according to a new study.

The researchers, from the University of Maryland, have identified three strains of the disease, and identified three different types of lymmetya, which means they have different mechanisms of transmission.

The authors wrote in the paper that there are several possible reasons for the rapid increase in lymphosis cases: Lymphedemia is often the result of a misdiagnosis, such as an antibiotic-resistant infection, or an improper use of antibiotic-preventive measures.

Another possible explanation is the use of improper hygiene practices, which are not necessarily specific to lymphetias.

The most common types of cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2016 were men who have sex with men, including those who have engaged in anal intercourse with a condom.

In a related study published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases, the authors identified a strain of the lympherocosis bacteria that can be transmitted through contaminated clothing, including socks, pants, underwear, underwear with a “bluish” or “bluish” color, or undergarments.

While lympheidema is not considered a pandemic, the researchers wrote that it’s an emerging infection that has been increasing worldwide.

A report by the Centers of Disease Control in 2017 estimated that nearly 3 million cases of lyme disease are occurring worldwide.

As for the cause, the study found that lymphemas infections are typically triggered by a change in the structure of the intestinal mucosa, which is a process called villi formation.

This process, in turn, can cause inflammation and shrink the villi that line the villus, leading to the spread of the infection.

The process is so complicated, the CDC says that it may take months or even years for symptoms to appear.

The bacteria is transmitted through saliva and feces, but it’s also spread via blood transfusions, the use or sale of infected products, and contact with infected wounds.

There are currently no vaccines for lymphesmia, but there is some progress in developing one that is more effective and less costly than current medications.


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