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L Brands’ clothes line ‘will not be a trend-setter’: Chief executive

L Brands, the clothing chain behind designer labels like H&M and Gucci, will not be the trend-setting fashion brand it was expected to be, its chief executive told analysts on Monday.Speaking at a conference call with analysts, Mr Zuberi...

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How to use a new fashion trend in your closet: Suitcase garment

This summer, the internet exploded with a new trend: the suitcase garment.A fashionista, the garment is a versatile piece of fabric that is made from a combination of fabric and fabric scraps.And it’s becoming popular as people look for...

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How to adjust garment racks for comfort

NEW YORK — Adjusting garment racks to fit a variety of people and climates is a great idea, but for some, it may be impossible.The adjustable garment racks are an easy way to help you store more clothes without...

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