Mormon women’s garments: Monogrammed clothing

The church has been criticized for its lack of transparency over its clothing purchases and has refused to release its official clothing list.

A list of some items that are not available online is available to members of the Mormon church, but the church has not been able to publicly release the names of those items.

A group of Mormons, led by the Rev. Aloysius Smith, a member of the church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, created a website to collect the names and addresses of people who bought garments from the church.

They published a list of items for purchase in April, but it was removed shortly after the church announced that it was ending its policy of not disclosing purchases made from its church-owned stores.

The Mormon church does not provide a list for individual members, and the list does not specify which items are from church-issued clothing.

A woman who gave her name as Linda said she was not familiar with the Mormon clothing policy.

However, she said that she bought a dress for her boyfriend that she received for free from a church member who said it was church-issue.

A dress was a $3,000 item, Linda said.

It was a white dress with gold embroidery on the back.

Linda said the dress was given to her for a church wedding dress.

Linda said she is not an active member of Mormonism.

She said she attended church services every Sunday and has a long history of attending church services.

A church spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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