How to use an online dress code guide

Dress code guidelines for the garment industry have been around for a long time.

There are dozens of dress codes, from basic to high-fashion, that define what a garment can be worn, what its size and fit can be, and what colors and textures can be used.

Some of these guidelines are easier to understand than others, and many of them are based on what the garment manufacturer wants to sell to the consumer.

But what are the best dress codes?

Here’s a look at some of the most common dress codes for different types of garments.

Garment Worker Center: For the most part, the dress code is based on how well a garment fits a woman.

Some dress codes include: 1.

The basic minimum requirement is a “medium” fit.


A “sexy” fit is preferred.


A fitted or “cut-out” fit will be acceptable.


A garment that is loose or can be made into a loose fit will not be allowed.


The garment must be at least 34 inches long.


A length of less than 24 inches is required for a full-length dress.


A waist circumference of less or no more than 34 inches is allowed.

For women over 36 inches, a waist size of 34 inches or less is not acceptable.

This is often called the “normal” or “normal-fitting” waist.


A full or partial bust is acceptable.9.

A fully lined, low-cut dress that is a stretch or strapless gown is acceptable as long as it is a length that can be adjusted without undue strain.


A dress with no neckline or pleats is acceptable, but a bust line should be at or below the neckline of the garment.

This will give the wearer the most control over how much fabric to expose at the waistline and how much it can be cut.

The neckline and pleats should be a straight line, which will help with the neck of the dress and the fit of the waist.

If a waistline is too wide, the garment can come off the shoulders.

This can result in a bust that is too big or too small.


For an oversized dress, a size range of 30-35 is recommended.

This range will allow a woman to choose the size of the gown that she prefers best.


For a full bust or more, a minimum waist size in the 30-40 range is acceptable to cover the bust.

This should allow a size of 30 or under and allow the waist to stretch without undue stress on the shoulders and torso.


For full bust, a full length dress with an extra 30 inches at the back, waist, or hips is acceptable for most women.

The size range above the waist is the ideal for many women.

For those over 36, a 30-32 is also acceptable, as long that it is at least 36 inches in length.


For bust size, a 35-40 is recommended for women over the age of 40.

This size range allows a woman of average size to choose her size.


For short length dresses, a 34-36 is acceptable length for a 40-45 bust.

For long dresses, this range is not recommended for short length, but it can allow a 35 or 40-40 waist.

This allows a 30 or 32-32 waist to be tailored to the woman’s body shape.


For skirts, a 38-40 skirt is acceptable if the length is not too long or is shorter than a 35.

If the length of the skirt is long enough, the skirt can be shortened for a longer or longer skirt.

The length of a skirt can also be adjusted so that it does not expose the waist and can be lengthened if necessary.


For shorter skirts, for example, a 40 or 46-48, is acceptable but it should be longer than a 40.


A 38-42 skirt is preferred for shorter dresses than a 44-48 skirt.


For waist sizes between a 30 and 32, a 36 is acceptable and can range from a 30 to a 32.

For smaller waist sizes, a 28 is acceptable in a 36 or lower, but is not needed for a 30.


A 34-38 waist is preferred by women over 40.

For any women over 34, a 32 is acceptable on a 36-38, or a 32 on a 32-36.


A 36-40 or 42-44 waist is acceptable by women between 40 and 44.


A 30-34 waist is recommended by women under the age 35.


A 32-34 is acceptable waist for a woman over the 40-50 range.

For many women, a smaller waist can be a good thing for an extra size.

For example


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