How the high priest garment will be made

Listed below are the garments to be made for the high priests upcoming pilgrimage to India.

The high priest is expected to wear a high-heel sandal with a black cap with a large white stone in the centre.

The cloth will be woven by the people of the area and will be worn in a traditional Indian way with a traditional collar.

The garments will be sold by the local priest in the temple in the city of Thiruvananthapuram.

A similar high priest robe is worn by the Pope.

“The high priest robes are a symbol of the divine love and spirituality of the people, the rich in the world, and their desire to spread peace and happiness in the entire world,” said a senior official in the Diocese of Thiruvallur, which is located in the Indian state of Kerala.

The garment is made from cloth woven by a local artisan.

A cloth woven for the pope by a cloth maker in the district of Kerala Source: ESPN “The high priests garment is not only an honour for the local community, but also for all Indians.

It also represents the hope of the whole of humanity.

As per the plan, the diocese of Kerala is also planning to buy the garment from the people in the area,” the official added.

The official also said the garment will make an impression in the dioceses community as it will be a symbol that the diogues are connected with people from different communities.

The Diocese is planning to auction the cloth on November 29, the official said.


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