How the Arab fashion industry was reinvented

Arguably the most successful garment brand in the Middle East, Arab-made garments have been on a roll since the Arab Spring in 2011.

As of this writing, the brand is the second-largest in the region, behind Qatar-owned Emirates.

Its flagship product is the Armani 501, a lightweight, sporty silhouette that looks like a black trench coat.

The brand is known for its casual, lightweight garments that are designed to be worn with or without a jacket.

The most successful products include the Armann and Armanin shorts, which have been designed with a hooded hood and a fitted hem, and the Armenian jackets, which feature a long, flared collar.

It’s not surprising that the brand has had success, given the massive investments it makes in its global business.

But its current resurgence comes with a big challenge: the lack of female-owned clothing companies.

According to the latest figures from the International Labor Organization (ILO), only 14 percent of women in the Arab world work in the fashion industry.

“It’s a major reason why we’re not seeing more women wearing their clothes,” said Arman Zaman, a fashion designer based in Beirut.

“We need to change that.

We need to empower women to be able to express themselves in the business and not be told, ‘You’re not doing enough.'”

For Arman, the solution is to expand the business beyond women and create a new category of women-owned businesses.

This would be a major step forward for Armanis brand.

Zaman recently launched a new brand, Zamania, which features a range of styles for men, women, and children.

Zampano, a designer in the Beirut Fashion District, said she started Zampania in the summer of 2016 as a way to “start to think about the next phase of women’s fashion.”

She believes that women can now be part of a new era of business.

“The market is changing, but the way we’re doing business is still very old,” Zampani said.

“I think we have to reinvent the business.”

The first phase of Zampanea’s brand focuses on women’s clothing.

The company currently has 50 stores in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Lebanon, but Zampana said the company plans to open more in the coming years.

ZAMPANIA is also looking to expand in the West Bank and Gaza, but she has yet to announce any new locations.

“What I am trying to do is create a brand that represents the women who are involved in fashion and fashion design in the UAE,” Zaman said.

Zamania also has plans to expand to the United States and Mexico.

“These countries have a very diverse market.

You have to take into account that the people here are from all over the world, from Africa to South America,” Zamani said, referring to the fact that the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain all have women-only beaches.

“There is a need for women in fashion,” she said.

She also plans to invest in more affordable clothing.

Zamin, a Lebanese woman, said the most difficult part of starting a business is knowing where to find the right clients and sourcing the right materials.

She said that the current shortage of female entrepreneurs is partly due to the country’s history of social stigma surrounding women, especially those of Arab descent.

“For example, it’s very taboo to date a man who is Arab.

But for women of the Arab heritage, it is much easier,” she explained.

“Many women of Arab heritage do not want to date the men of their own religion because of the stigma they have in the family.”

Zampannia is also hoping to get into the U.S. market by selling her clothing through a clothing store.

“In the U!

[Arab country], it’s not the case that women don’t own clothing.

They own it.

And now we can open up the business to women,” she added.

Zimania is currently focused on building a successful online presence, with her goal to eventually have a retail store in the U, as well.

In her time as an entrepreneur, Zamin has managed to make it to the top of the fashion ladder.

She’s earned a spot in the Dubai Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Month, and has received awards for her work.

ZAMANIA has now expanded to several countries, including Canada, the U., and Australia.

“As we get closer to the end of my runway, I want to see how many of my peers have already made it,” Zamin said.

The goal for the next stage of Zamannia’s business is to open up a global brand that focuses on the women’s market, and to provide women with quality clothes.

“Women are the biggest market, because we have so many different industries,” Zamina said.

By expanding into the United states and Canada, Zamanda hopes to eventually open up her brand to


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