How Mormons got their own logo

Utah is a state that’s known for its Mormon history, with the city of Salt Lake, a place known for having a Mormon presence, a temple that was built there and the city’s iconic temple roof.

But Utah has a new logo that might have been a little more controversial than the ones we’ve seen before.

For many years, the Mormon church has been using a logo that incorporates a bird on a feather.

But the bird has since been removed, and the Mormon temple logo is a stylized owl.

The church’s logo was originally designed by Joseph Smith, who was the first to build a temple in 1820.

It was used until it was changed in 2007.

The new logo, created by Utah’s state flag, was released last week.

The design features the same owl and feathers, but it’s a stylistic one.

It uses the word “God” and a symbol of the LDS church’s crest.

“Utahns will find the design, in addition to the new Mormon flag, to be the most stylized and striking,” said Chris Dyer, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Transportation.

It’s not just a change in design.

The new design also incorporates a phrase that many Mormons have interpreted as a reference to the prophet Joseph Smith.

“The owl represents Joseph Smith and his ability to speak truth,” said Utah’s official Utah State Flag.

“The feathers represent the history of Utah, the city and the church, as well as the influence that the church had on Utah.”

Dyer said the eagle and dragon symbols are also still there, but are more stylized.

“We are always looking for new ways to make our flag more dynamic and exciting, which is why we are making this logo change,” he said.

The logo change was originally announced in October, but was quickly pulled back.

The flag will be used until November 2018, when the new flag will officially be used by the LDS Church.

This post has been updated.


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