How do you clean the printer ink you print?

As the ink dries on your clothes, the ink will eventually break down.

This can happen if the ink used to print the garment was not washed properly or if the garment dries in hot weather.

If this happens, you can use a product called “garment printing ink.”

To use it, you’ll need a paper towel, a disposable ink cartridge, a paper bag or a pair of scissors.

Here’s how to use it. 1.

Put the cartridge in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, to help prevent the ink from becoming trapped inside the paper.


Rinse the cartridge with warm water, then rinse again.


Apply the ink to the garment, rubbing the ink over the surface with the paper towel.


Using the scissors, cut the plastic bag into squares, as close to the printed fabric as possible.

If you use a paper clip, you may need to cut two of the squares.

The squares will fit snugly on the fabric.


The bags will then need to be cleaned and dried before they can be used again.


Next, place the paper bag on a flat surface and lay it flat on a cutting board.

Using a razor, cut a rectangle of fabric out of the plastic and lay this on top of the cutting board and the plastic bags.

You should end up with a rectangle that is about 10 centimetres (3 inches) wide and 15 centimetre (6 inches) high.

To cut out the fabric, place a sharp knife on the cutting mat and cut out a triangle of the triangle.

Use scissors to cut out one of the triangles and lay the other triangle over it. 7.

The triangle is now ready to be folded into a square.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all four squares have been folded into squares.

When you’ve finished all four square designs, you will have one square printed.


Once you have your completed paper square, you need to wash it to remove the ink.

You can use the same method as you did with the ink cartridges above to do this.

Place the paper on a clean, dry surface, wash it well, then hang it up to dry.


The next time you use the cartridge, you won’t have to worry about the ink getting trapped in the plastic.


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