‘Candy’ is a bad idea

In the 1960s, a popular fashion accessory called a candy bar came out of the lab of chemist Alexander Fleming, which he founded.

It contained an acid, but with an electrical charge.

The charge attracted the candy bar to a magnetic field that was released when the magnetic field was released.

Inventors of these magnetic-field gadgets were rewarded with a large and prestigious career, and many went on to become Nobel laureates.

But the magnetic-fields used by these gadgets have also been widely misused, leading to accidents and disasters.

In 2006, an electric-car company, Tesla Motors, suffered an accident that killed two people and injured another 25.

The accident was caused by a faulty battery.

Since then, there have been numerous deaths and injuries from defective electric-vehicle batteries, and the US Food and Drug Administration has recently approved more than 50 new battery-related safety standards.

The company Tesla is currently recalling almost a million cars and says it will offer a new battery to customers to help fix the problem.

Another major manufacturer of magnetic-device batteries, Lithium-ion, has recently received an exemption from the US safety standards for its battery-operated electric vehicles.

And there are still some manufacturers who use faulty magnets for their magnetic-detecting batteries, which may pose a danger.

In the US, about 2.5 million magnets are used in commercial vehicles, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But as many as 2 million of these magnets are in use in consumer products, which means that the US is one of the biggest consumers of magnets in the world.

It also means that in some countries, people with severe disabilities cannot afford to buy a magnetic-laser or other magnetic-technology item.

The US is a market for magnets, too.

In Europe, magnets are widely used for the installation of CCTV cameras and the like.

They are also commonly used for medical devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging machines, to detect the presence of infectious disease or other disease, says David Koczela, professor of materials science and engineering at University College London.

Kocsela and his colleagues are conducting a project to examine the use of magnets and other magnetic components in products and medical devices.

“There is a big opportunity here,” he says.

The magnets used for CCTV cameras are magnetic-resistant to an extent.

They can be made to work in a range of different magnetic states, such that they can withstand a large magnetic field.

This magnetic state can be created by adding small amounts of magnetic powder to a thin layer of a magnetic material.

The layer can be very thin, and it can also be very thick.

These magnetic powder layers are typically made of glass, titanium or other metals.

KOCSELA: What are the advantages of magnets for medical technology?

KOCSAK: Magnetic-technology components have many different uses, not just in medical devices but in everyday products.

For example, it is often used to detect diseases in the body, such the heart.

There is a need to know whether a patient has the disease.

The technology also allows for the diagnosis of various conditions, such cancer and other types of diseases, and this is important in the future.

We can now take a small amount of magnetic material and make a very thick layer of this material that can be used in a very thin layer in medical implants and surgical devices, so we can detect the patient very accurately.

Magnetic-systems and magnetic-recording devices, for example, can be implanted in the neck and chest of patients.

If a patient develops the disease, they can be treated in the hospital.

Magnetic resonance imaging devices can be inserted into the eye, or into the brain.

In these devices, we can measure changes in the activity of brain cells in the patients brain.

The magnetic properties of the brain can then be measured.

These devices can also detect changes in blood flow to the brain, and so on.

Magnetic devices can even be used to check the health of the muscles of the patient.

This is a very important technology for monitoring the health, as we have seen, of people with stroke.

It is also important for other conditions that are difficult to detect with conventional MRI or CT scans, such a blood clot, or heart problems.

Magnetic device technology is also used for devices that detect the signals coming from the body.

It can be placed on the skin or in the eye and can be applied to the skin to detect changes.

These signals can then help the doctor to diagnose the underlying conditions.

Magnetic materials have also recently become a popular material for high-tech medical devices and medical implants.

Some manufacturers are using them to create medical devices that are more than 1.5 metres long.

The devices can detect different types of electrical signals from a range from magnetic fields up to tens of gigahertz.

The device can then measure changes to the signals using the sensors inside the device.

This allows the device to tell if


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