Bangladesh garment workers sue Bangladesh over safety of garment factory

Workers at a garment factory in Bangladesh have filed a class action lawsuit accusing Bangladesh’s garment industry of failing to provide adequate safety equipment and working conditions, a lawyer said Monday.

The suit filed by garment workers at the Dhaka-based Al-Tawheed Factory in Bangladesh alleges that the company failed to provide workers with proper protective equipment, including respirators, protective clothing and other safety equipment.

The garment industry in Bangladesh has been hit by the deadly 2015 garment crisis that killed more than 300,000 workers and left more than one million homeless, mostly in rural areas.

Al-Towheed’s owners, Al-Jazeera and Al-Qassem Group, have said that they are cooperating with authorities to bring charges against the company.

The Bangladesh garment industry has been facing increasing pressure from Western investors over safety and the factory has been subject to safety concerns for decades.

Al Jazeera and wire services