Amazon’s new ‘Bamboo’ garment rack has no name

It looks like a bunch of bamboo, but it’s actually made of fabrics called Amazons garment rack.

This new rack has been designed by a Brooklyn-based company called Bamboo and comes in five different colors.

The company calls it a “fabric for the future.”

Amazon says the racks are made of a combination of bamboo fiber and other materials to help reduce the amount of materials used for garment-making.

The racks are currently available in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

There’s a $79 price tag for each rack, but Amazon says it plans to expand the rack to more regions and countries in the future.

The website says it uses “natural bamboo fibers, which have a low impact on the environment and can be used in a variety of products.”

Amazon describes the rack as a “low-profile, sustainable, eco-friendly fabric for garment racks.”

The company’s website also says it’s “inspired by traditional textile design” and says that the rack “helps bring more sustainable products into the fabric industry.”

Here’s a closer look at some of the fabric: The bamboo fabric on the rack is sourced from the city of Kobe, Japan.

Amazon says that bamboo can be made from a variety, but one of its most popular options is bamboo from China, which is also considered a sustainable fabric.

Bamboo is “used in everything from bags to fabrics and is used for its unique properties of being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and its long life span.”

The bamboo rack is being sold at Amazon’s New York City headquarters.



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