‘A new kind of fashion’: Fashionistas wear new, colourful and sexy tops

A new breed of fashionistas is making fashion their own and the result is colourful, stylish and fun tops that are designed to be worn as a fashion accessory or to wear as a summer party piece.

The trend began in India and is now spreading to other parts of the world.

The Indian fashion trend is a mix of colours and patterns.

A traditional Indian dress has a long black sari that can be made up into a full length skirt and a wide, black belt.

The top can be worn over a long-sleeved shirt or worn with a longer sleeved shirt.

The designer is a 26-year-old woman from the Indian state of Kerala, who calls herself “Lalish” and is an avid fashion designer.

She said she first started thinking about fashion in India after the death of her parents when she was still a child.

Her parents had both worked as seamstresses and her father was a tailor.

She said she wanted to be a seamstress, but it was not possible because of the poverty and low wages.

Lalisha said her mother died when she came to India.

She moved to Kerala with her husband to start her own business.

Her husband works for a government contractor and Lalisha was struggling to pay him.

She also struggled to get her husband’s wife and children in India to work for her.

Lally told me her mother had died of cancer in 2008, and that the loss of her husband had been a big blow to her.

Her father had a heart condition and died suddenly.

She has since started working as a seamstress, but Lalisha said it was too difficult to support herself.

Llalish is now working as an assistant to a local tailor, who has a daughter and a son.

The tailor said his family has been working in the local textile industry for a long time.

He said the family has always had some income and Lalish has always supported them.

The young woman, who uses the alias Lalish, said her parents were never rich.

She works from home to pay her bills, which are about Rs 500 a month.

Lall, who is from India’s western state of Tamil Nadu, said he came to the US as a young man.

He works as a contractor and lives with his parents and two older sisters.

He told me his father was always working, but he was always on his feet.

I’ve been working on the internet for about two years now.

I’m not just on my own, I’m also with people and I’m working as many hours as I can.

Lallo told me he started making clothes when he was 16.

He made a lot of clothes and sold them online.

He says he started his business with his brother-in-law and he now has about 30 employees.

Lalla said he has seen some of his friends getting married in other countries and getting divorced.

But his family does not have any money.

Lala, who lives in a small village in the Indian town of Tiruvananthapuram in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, said the clothes he makes are not made to be taken away by their parents.

He said he was inspired to start a business after a friend told him he had seen a couple in another country wearing clothes.

Llamas sister, a 25-year old from Kerala’s state of Karnataka, told me she came from an older generation of clothes designers and designers started her own fashion brand.

She told me I started making stuff that I wanted to wear for myself, and I wanted people to feel it, and people to see me wearing it.

Lallels sister, who does not want to use her real name, said she has been making clothes for her mother for two years.

She also told me that she is the one who is trying to convince her parents to come back to India so that she can stay there and help them.

She has also started a clothing store and is trying her hand at marketing herself.

I am trying to be more creative and make clothes that people can wear.

I want to sell clothes that are fun and fashionable, she told me.

I want to be able to afford the clothes.


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