How to use a new fashion trend in your closet: Suitcase garment

This summer, the internet exploded with a new trend: the suitcase garment.A fashionista, the garment is a versatile piece of fabric that is made from a combination of fabric and fabric scraps.And it’s becoming popular as people look for...

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A collection of the best women’s garment bags

A collection titled The Next Womens Fashions in 2016 has been put together by The Nextweb to highlight the best womens garments in 2016.The collection includes a selection of womens’ garments, including the Aritzia bag, a long-sleeved denim jacket,...

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New Fashion Trends to Bring New Colors to Your Garment Bag

The trendiest fashion accessories for your purse are getting a lot more fashionable.There are so many accessories on the market that can be worn on your jacket, your pants, your shirt, and even on your underwear.These accessories can be...

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